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The 6 Month MOT Holiday: A Word Of Caution

As most of you are aware, the Government in their wisdom, (somewhat misguided, in my opinion) has offered a 6 month MOT holiday as a method of reducing vehicle movement and the possible spreading of the disease.

However, there are two major problems associated with this:-

Firstly – If your car is subsequently found to be un-roadworthy, during a road-side check, or involved in an accident, which highlights a fault which would have resulted in an MOT failure, you – the owner/driver are both liable and culpable and probably un-insured as a result. The government’s MOT amnesty does not protect you from the due process of the law!

The second problem is one of logistics: If no-one MOT’s their car during this 6 month period; by the time we get to October, there will likely be a back-log of some 20-30 million cars, all needing an MOT on October 1st!! You may well find yourself  having to wait weeks or more, before you can get your car(s) tested.

My suggestion is to have your car/bike MOT’d in the normal way – and  provided we all keep our distance, washing hands, wiping steering wheels, gear and hand-brake levers and isolating ourselves diligently, you can then have peace of mind and not be involved in the ‘mad scramble’ that will inevitably highlight the month of October and probably beyond.

Natton Garage will offer this service on a request basis, particularly for ‘Key Workers’, to keep you on the road safely. We will also be available to attend to obvious safety issues, such as brakes, suspension problems or exhausts, which would otherwise immobilise the vehicle.

We have already put safety measures in place on the Facebook page, so please read and obey the guidance. This will keep us all safe from spreading the disease.

Good luck everybody. Stay away from others and follow the 2 metre rule if you go out. Keep your exercising down to Government guidelines

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