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How To Pass Your MOT

It’s important to look after and maintain your vehicle as well as possible in order to pass the annual MOT test. This assessment is a legal requirement and ensures that your car is roadworthy. The test will look at many components of your vehicle. Many parts are out of your

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MOT holiday

The 6 Month MOT Holiday: A Word Of Caution

As most of you are aware, the Government in their wisdom, (somewhat misguided, in my opinion) has offered a 6 month MOT holiday as a method of reducing vehicle movement and the possible spreading of the disease. However, there are two major problems associated with this:- Firstly – If your

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Winter motoring

Winter Motoring Essentials & Avoiding The Pitfalls

This winter is threatening to be more severe than in previous years, so it’s worth being prepared. Apart from the obvious of making sure your can is fully serviced and up-together, you can still come unstuck if you don’t follow these simple rules: DO’S & DON’TS: TYRES: The basic truth is: normal summer

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